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Another cool night in Indiana, and an even colder night in South Dakota, set the scene for a seemingly peaceful evening. Anna was sitting in her room with the lights off with Blumiere brainstorming ideas for her stories. Chyanne was in her new appartment with Dimentio playing Pokémon Black 2. Anna needed some ideas, so she got her phone and started texting Chyanne and Dimentio. Not even a psychic reading the future could forsee what would happen to the unsuspecting friends...

   "Blumiere, I'm sorry I attacked you with my Pokémon, but can you help me brainstorm ideas for my story?" I asked him. Earlier that evening, I let my five Pokémon chase Blumiere around my room because he made fun of me teasingly. I overreacted a bit.
   "Anna..." he sighed. "Come up with your own ideas."
   "But that takes effort!" I whined. Blumiere looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "I'm kidding!" I said.
   "What ideas do you need?"
   "I need a good way to introduce Comet into the story. She can't just...appear!"
   "Why don't you ask Chyanne and Dimentio? Chyanne IS Comet after all..." Blumiere suggested.
   "Good idea! See, you did help me," I said. I grabbed my phone from my nighstand, and when I turned it on, it lit up my entire room. "Woah... That's really bright!"
   "Why, again, are you in the dark?" he asked me.
   "My imagination works better when theres no light. That's probably why I have all those crazy dreams. Oh I just got an idea! Let me see what Dimentio thinks..."
   I texted, "Hey, Dimmy! What do you think about me letting Mimi find out that you're dating Lemmy in my story? She's going to be jealous!"
   Dimentio replied, "I hate you. Since it doesn't matter, you can do that I guess... Please just be sure to explain she's a girl."
   "Yay! And you just gave me an awesome idea... Playing off the whole Mimi-being-jealous thing, she's gonna think you are..." I trailed off because I knew he knew what I was going to say. "Please don't kill me, Dimmy."
   Dimentio returned and said slowly, "Oh, Anna. You. Are. Going. To. Die. So. Very. Hard."
   That freaked me out a bit, and Chyanne said, "This is revenge! You're such a douche, so mleh. Be secure with your masculenity."
   All of a sudden, Blumiere started laughing and texted, "Revenge for two people here! She's so scared she's got her Pokéballs within arm's reach now!"
   "W-w-what are you talking about? I'm n...not scared..." I tried to say. "I just hope he doesn't know that I'm at my dad's house instead of my mom's- IDIOT!!!" I screamed at myself.
   "Eh, you're probably safe," Blumiere said.
   "Um... Dimmy... You're scaring me... Put Giratina down..." Chyanne said.
   "Oh, Chy, could you possibly lend me Black Kyurem when you catch it? Pretty please?" Dimentio asked. "Safe until Chy catches that legendary."
   "...Run Anna," was all Chyanne said. My eyes got wide with fear, and I hid behind Blumiere.
   "Blumiere...? You want to help me here...? PLEASE??" I pleaded.
   "Hiding behind me's not going to help," he said calmly. "Oh, and you probably shouldn't tell him that you just wrote the PERFECT dialouge for that scene..."
   "Blumiere...!!!" I said. I was freaking out.
   "I feel proved that in the past..." Dimentio started to say.
   "Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him," Chyanne cut in. I sighed in relief.
   "Dang it... I wanted to see Dimentio scare the crap out of Anna!" Blumiere said.
   "Hey! And you know he would have done more..." I replied.
   "Oh, come on, Chy. Can't you at least give him Plasma? Anna has some revives." he continued.
   "Yeah, but they don't work on PEOPLE!" I screamed.
   Chyanne replied, "...Um... Dimentio? Are you okay?" Dimentio snarled. "I'm just going to throw out a question... If he's Comet's brother, and Comet's a dragon... What does that make Dimmy?"
   "Oh, please no..." I didn't want what I thought was going to happen to happen.
   Blumiere started laughing again. "Dragon!"
   "Since when are you on Dimmy's side?" I asked him with wide eyes.
   "Since you attacked me with your Pokémon! We're waiting, Dimmy!"
   "Ah ha ha!" Dimentio laughed. "It's about time someone put that together."
   "Dimmy, please don't kill my friend," Chyanne said with concern.
   "Nice knowing you," Blumiere said with fake sadness.
   "Wait, WHAT?" I asked
   "Maybe I'll visit you sometime in the Overthere... Anyday now, Dimmy!" he continued.
   "You wouldn't..." I said. He wouldn't let Dimentio kill me... Would he?
   "Dimmy's gone." Chyanne said plainly. "He makes a very scary dragon."
   "He' gone?" I cried. "Oh wait there he is." Dimentio-Dragon teleported into my room and took up all of it. "Hi, Dim-" I got a good look at him. He was huge with massive wings and a long tail. His eyes were still yellow and purple. "OH. CRAP." I was toast, almost literally.
   "Rawr?" Chyanne asked. I didn't need to answer.
   Dimentio teleported Blumiere, himself, and me to Dimension D. "I suggest you run poor, unfortunate child. Ah ha ha!" Dimentio laughed.
   "Uh... Chy? Do any of your dragon books have anything on surviving attacks from them??" I asked. My voice was cracking out of fear. Suddenly, Dimentio lunged towards me and I barely dodged out of the way in time. I screamed and started running for my life.
   "And while Dimmy chases Anna around, I'll narrate for you." I heard Blumiere say to Chyanne who was still just playing Pokémon.
   "HELP ME!!!" I screamed.
   "Cool," Chyanne said. "I'd come over, but two dragons in the same room would not end well."
   "COOL??" I repeated. There was nothing cool about what happened.
   "Don't let him corner you," Blumiere said, trying to give me advice. Just then, Dimentio leaned down to my level and tried to bite me. I jumped into the corner to dodge, but he turned before I could escape. He trapped me in the corner, and he was slowly moving closer, pressing me against the wall, and then making me slide down until I was on the ground. I could only stare into his demented eyes. "...I say as she gets cornered," Blumiere continued.
   "...What are you going to do to me...?" I asked in barely a whisper.
   "Ooh! This is the part where they talk and then he kills her!" Blumiere told Chyanne.
   "WHAT??" Would he really let Dimentio kill me right here and now?
   "Yay! Dimmy, use draco meter!" Chyanne shouted.
   "Poor, little Anna," Dimentio started. "Never got to live past thirteen..."
   "Never got to get her driver's license," he said, cutting me off.
   "No! Stop I-" It couldn't end here. It couldn't end now. I hadn't done anything significant in my life. I had so much to look forward to. So much I could do. So many places I could go. But Dimentio was taking everything away from me. Everyone I loved, everything I owned. I would never drive a car... Never go to prom... Never have a sweet 16... Never have a job... My life was going to end. What would my parents say? Would they cry? Would Dimentio or Blumiere bring back my body? Blumiere... Standing in the corner, watching, laughing.
   "Never had a boyfriend..." Dimentio said, cutting me off again.
   "Hey!!" I blushed.
   "Never will. AH HA HA!!" he threw his head back to laugh.
   "And this is the part where..." Blumiere said to Chyanne.
   Dimentio snarled and attacked, and I screamed as loud as I could. "Dimentio, no!! Please!! No!!"
   "Just to paint a picture in your head: Anna is sitting in the corner with a huge Dimmy Dragon towering over her," Blumiere told Chyanne.
   "Please stop, Dimentio!! Please!!" I cried.
   "And more pleading and demented laughing... This is getting better by the minute!" Blumiere continued.
   Chyanne said, "Congradulations! Your rico evolved into dewott!"
   "NOW IS NOT THE TIME, CHY!!" I screamed. "Dimmy!! Please!!"
   "Now is the perfect time for an evolution!" Blumiere said.
   "Blumiere!!" I cried. Did anyone care that I was being murdered? "Chy, please tell me Dimmy can't evolve!!"
   "Um... I actually don't know," she replied. "Depends on whether he's closer to the Pokémon dragon family or the traditional dragon. And Blumiere, I love this side of you."
   "Thanks!" Blumiere exclaimed.
   "Did someone say evolve?" Dimentio asked. "After all... I'm not a traditional dragon or Pokémon. AH HA HA!!"
   Blumiere said, "Congradulations! Your Dimentio evolved into a Super Dimentio!"
   "Aww, Dimmy, you murderous psycopath. A wonderful legendary, just like your little sister," Chyanne said, complimenting him.
   "Will somebody help me?!" I screamed. No one was paying any attention to me.
   "Sorry, this is too much fun watching!!" Blumiere exclaimed. It was true. I was going to die. "Dimmy, or should I say, Super Dimmy is a-"
   "DEMON FROM HECK??" I interrupted. He had grown and was at least double his size. Luckily while he was evolving, I crawled under his tail and escaped from the corner. He was back to chasing me, and I was back to jumping, ducking, and all together dodging every attack that he tried.
   "Yeah that sounds about right," Blumiere continued. "He has this fire breath, but it's weird and twisted-"
   "AND IT'S INSTA-KILL!!" I interrupted again.
   "Run, smart one," said Blumiere.
   "I'm trying!!" I looked at Blumiere for one second, and Dimentio's tail whipped around and hit my legs, knocking me to the ground. I landed on my stomach. Dimentio breathed fire down on me, but I rolled onto my back and out of the way just in time. Dimentio jumped over to me and pinned me down, with his massive claws just barely missing my shoulders. He lowered his head down to me so close that I could see the tiny pupils of his eyes. There was a demented glow in them. "Dimentio...? Please... Make it quick...." I cried softly.
   He continued to laugh in my face. He brought his head back down, and I had to turn my head to the side and press my face against the cool tile. I closed my eyes. I knew he was going to kill me slowly and painfully. Dimentio laughed one last time and I screamed, "Chyanne.... Chyanne!! CHYANNE!!!!!" If she was truly my friend...
   "Eh, Dimmy, it's getting late. Stop trying to use hyper beam on Anna and go to sleep. I'm not dealing with an angry dragon," Chyanne said.
   Dimentio turned his head and backed off of me. "FINE! I'll be back... Ah ha ha ha!!"
   He teleported back to Chyanne. "He's gone!!!" I screamed. Then I realized I was stuck in his dimension. "Blumiere, get me out of Dimension D."
   "What do you say?" he asked. He wanted me to say 'please' at a time like this?
   "Okay, okay..." Blumiere teleported me back to my bedroom. "There you go. Happy?"
   "Not really..." Dimentio had done more than scare me.
   "Ah ha ha, that was too fun!" Chyanne laughed.
   "You think I'm scary?" Dimentio asked. "Try Comet!" Chyanne roared playfully.
   "Oh please no..." I moaned. I had enough dragon for one night.
   "Are you hurt?" Blumiere asked me.
   "Yes," I said.
   "Mentally or physicly?" He already knew my answer.
   "Thanks, Dimmy. I'm sure she'll sleep well tonight!" Blumiere said laughing. I looked at him and was about to cry. He stopped laughing, gave me a sympathetic smile, and took me in his arms.
   "No problem," Dimentio said."It's great to be on good terms with you again, Blumiere."
   Chyanne and I gasped at the same time. "Dimentio has a soul?!" she asked.
   "After what he just did to me, I barely believe it," I said.
   "Yes it is, Dimmy. Shall we do it again sometime? Though next time I would love to see Comet," Blumiere said to Dimentio.
   "Are you insane??" I asked him.
   "It's a date!" Chyanne exclaimed. "Sorry Anna, but it's fun to flaunt thr wings!" Everyone was asking for a kick in the teeth.
   I shuddered at the thought of Chyanne- er, Comet in dragon form. "You'll be fine," Blumiere said
   "Are you BLIND? Did you not just see what happened?" I asked him.
   "You're alive."
   "Yeah, for NOW."
   "Chy wouldn't kill you... Would she?" he asked her.
   "Nah," she replied.
   "What if you're provoked like Dimmy was?" Blumiere asked her.
   I knew what was comming. "No, please overreactive mind, please don't give me an- I just got an idea. And this is a good idea!!"
   "You better watch it, Anna. I have to go to bed," Chyanne said. It was 11:30 p.m. "Night!"
   "Ciao Blumiere. Sleep well, Anna. Ah ha ha!" Dimentio said.
   Suddenly, I wasn't too confident in my abilities to survive the night. "You better sleep with one eye open. Night guys!" Blumiere warned me.
   My breathing sped up. "Uhh... Chy? Can you keep him...away?" I asked politely. "Night..."
   Despite my fear of Dimentio returning, I fell asleep quickly.
Im just gonna say this now. This was a conversation between me and chyanne. Say wat u will, that wasnt the first time either... Dont call us crazy or we will send Dimentio on you!! And you know how well that worked out for me. Its in my perspective if you couldnt tell. blumiere and chy are 14, dimentio is 15, and im 13 in the story if u were wondering. Dimentio and Blumiere copyright Nintendo. Comet copyright (i guess) FluzzardFlight. Hope you enjoy!!

Note: do not sue us if a purple and yellow dragon comes to your room at night... :D
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TwiHungerCity17 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah i dont think i would ever b tht mean and almost let a dragon kill u.... Or let anything else kill u....knowing tht I was the cause of ur death and all...
Anyways....i like how in the coments u just said dont sue us if a purple snd yellow dragon comes into ur room at night XD
Horobinota Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah ha ha~ Oh god, we sound like nutcases. I should really draw Dimentio and Comet as dragons. :D Excellent Anna, I was trying to avoid choking on my dinner laughing!
TrainerTimpani Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Student Writer
I luv how every1 laughs at my "near death experience" And yeah i wldnt b surprised if some1 suggests a mental hospital...
Horobinota Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I shall be sure to make this clear. I am demented, not crazy!
"Yeah, there's a difference!"
Off of my DeviantArt!!!!!! :D

Disclaimer: Mariovideogames and myself are NOT crazy.
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